Our Expertise

DICINE TECHNOLOGIES specializes in serving small business of 40 and under employees.  We have over 25 years of experience in telephone, computer, audio and video while being part of the evolution and growth of these emerging technologies.

Our experience was developed at prominent phone companies and we are prepared  to support the processes and needs of various types of businesses. Globalization in the technology field has created a outsourced culture. We recognize how challenging and distant these companies can be for customers. We pride ourselves in establishing effective, quality communication to make every customer experience satisfying.

Dicine Technologies is a local, community-based organization.  We live and work in your neighborhoods, thus being totally committed to supporting and being part of a thriving local economy. You have access to us personally and when you call, you get a person who responds to your specific needs. Our personal relationship is how we establish our partnership and create your solution.

Local teams providing global solutions is what sets us apart. We honor our commitment to the success of your operations by making your problems and challenges our concern.

Our Team

We leverage local teams of dedicated professionals with specific expertise in the areas that matter to you most. Our Tier 1 support team leads our operational excellence and is supported by a Tier 2 team in house. What that means for you is layers of seasoned professionals standing by to help create your solutions.

How We Can Help

Our Mission:

Dicine Technologies is dedicated to continuous improvement in providing customer focused, cost-effective, reliable and efficient voice, data, audio and video communications. Offering global technology and personalized service, our goal of excellence provides 21st century technological proficiency in all facets of our work. Your problems and challenges become our concern by honoring our commitment to the success of your operations.

Our team is standing by: contact us now to enquire about your service needs!