Rehabilitation Associates

Rehabilitation Associates in Connecticut was experiencing slow internet connections to their Cloud Services which affected their business response time and challenged their ability to service their customers.

Client Background

Rehabilitation Associates provides rehabilitation services such as Physical Therapy for injured persons. They have 5 locations across Fairfield County and are a premiere rehabilitation center for area hospitals and patients.

Technology Needs of the Client

Rehabilitation Associates required a full data infrastructure analysis, repair existing data lines, replace access points, install new Cisco switches and routers.

Challenges faced by us

The data infrastructure challenges included identifying outdated equipment across multiple locations and working with the local service provider to ensure adequate bandwidth. The budget constraints were challenging however we were able to overcome overruns by identifying efficiencies quickly and completing the technology needs within a specified perimeter.

Solution provided

We leveraged our experience to quickly identify and mitigate any waste of time or resources to the client. This allowed us to create solutions that not only met the needs of the opportunity but exceeded expectations regarding costs and outcomes.